Thematic Working Groups

Thematic Working Groups (TWGs) are a core component of Health Systems Global's identity as a member-driven organization. They are multi-disciplinary groups comprised of researchers, decision-makers and implementers and they provide a platform for membership interaction and the exchange of experiences around particular issues in health systems research.

Currently there are ten TWGs that have been approved by the HSG Board. They are listed on the right-hand menu. To find out more about the groups and their work please click on their names. HSG members are encouraged to engage with or join the groups.

HSG has established a board-level working group to focus on TWG related strategic issues and to guide the board and the secretariat actions related to new TWG establishment. HSG will welcome applications from its members to establish new thematic working groups after the Board working group develops its recommendations, due in late 2017. New applicants will be expected to explore areas of health systems research that are not already addressed by the existing groups. For any queries in this regard please contact the secretariat: [email protected].

Proposed TWGs should:

  • Represent a major health systems research issue, or methodological approach or capacity development challenge. Please note that the proposal should cover an area of work / topic that is not currently addressed by an existing TWG. Proposals that have substantial overlaps with the mandates of existing TWGs will not be accepted;
  • The goals and objectives of the proposal should be aligned with HSG’s 2016–2020 Strategy priorities and should clearly reflect where and how the new TWG would contribute to achieving organizational goals;
  • Be led by current members of the society and have at least 15 HSG members who are potentially interested in participating in the TWG;
  • Encompass diverse members of Health Systems Global, including members, for example, from different geographical areas (countries or regions) or different languages, or different constituencies (researchers, policy-makers, implementers, civil society) and should include representatives from both the Global North and South;
  • Be of long-term relevance (i.e. the society is unlikely to support short-term thematic working groups).

TWGs which are accepted by Health Systems Global will be offered the following benefits:

  • A homepage on the Health Systems Global website;
  • Access to the society member mailings/newsletter/social media (for example to announce events or activities);
  • Dedicated time slot and meeting room during the society's biennial global symposium;
  • Priority access to meeting rooms for satellite sessions associated with the symposium;
  • Use of the the society's logo and name on their materials;

The society is considering ways in which TWGs may contribute or potentially manage different tracks within the biennial symposium.

Thematic working groups may have a variety of different objectives, from developing capacity for health systems research, to promoting and sharing research findings in a particular field. Accordingly, different TWGs may engage in different activities such as providing training opportunities for Health Systems Global members through webinars or face-to-face training sessions; sharing announcements about relevant research funding opportunities; establishing mentoring schemes; developing advocacy tools; or providing awards to outstanding students or practitioners. Further, TWGs should consider developing sub-groups/streams for specific areas of work.

Each TWG should be led by a minimum of three Health Systems Global members, who will take responsibility for developing the programme of work for the group and supporting its implementation. These “officers” of the TWG should be prepared to rotate periodically. The officers of the TWG will maintain an email list of the members and will organize section meetings at the global symposia. It is at the discretion of each group if they would like to plan interim meetings at events of their choice. These positions are non-remunerative and the TWGs should not expect additional support from the society beyond that outlined above.

Health Systems Global will be accepting proposals to establish new TWGs from its members in late 2017, after the Board-level working group focussing on TWG-related strategic issues presents their recommendations to the Board.

Proposals for new thematic working groups should explore areas of health systems research not currently addressed by existing TWGs. For any queries in this regard please contact the secretariat: [email protected].