Role of Community Health Workers
in Health System Development
TWG election 2017

Your time to lead! The Community Health Worker group is having leadership elections

The Supporting and Strengthening The Role of Community Health Workers in Health System Development Thematic Working Group (TWG) are delighted to announce this wonderful opportunity for taking on various leadership positions of the TWG.

There continues to be increased focus on Community Health Workers across all areas of global health. This is an exciting time to shape the work of this vibrant TWG to advance its efforts further. We invite you to nominate yourself or other HSG members for the positions of Co-Chairs and Communications Coordinator by June 10th, 2017, and to vote in the election.

To apply for the positions you need to be a member of HSG. The posts are voluntary and there is no remuneration. We want to ensure that the leadership of our group is reflective of those working on the Community Health Worker issues that TWG members are passionate about. This means that we would like the governance to reflect a range of genders, geographical positioning, and types of member (academic, policy makers, NGO staff, CHW representatives, communications professionals). However, the final candidates will the chosen by the TWG membership through elections.

We recognize that the group is a joint effort, and the current leadership will continue to stay involved and seek to support the new chairs and the regional champions. Additionally, Faye Moody, one of our current TWG coordinators will continue supporting the TWG.

Even if you aren't standing for election, please do spread the word. We would like our members to have a real choice of candidates and hope that the process will prompt some critical reflection and learning on what we have done well in the past and how we can make greater strides in the future!

If you have any questions about the positions, please feel free to contact us:

The Thematic Working Group (TWG) on Supporting and Strengthening the Role of Community Health Workers in Health System Development aims to:

  • Raise awareness of the crucial role that community health workers play within the health system
  • Bring together a diverse individuals and networks to share knowledge in a structured and facilitated manner
  • Convene practitioners and decision-makers in order to better understand the real world challenges being faced and encourage the use of the existing and emerging evidence base in policy and practice
  • Promote an institutionalized practice of monitoring interventions and evaluating results by all decision-makers and practitioners
  • Amplify the voices of community health workers and community groups within these dialogues

Since its inception - with the aid of an energetic and knowledgeable Steering Committee - we have been responsible for running the group and engaging with the Health Systems Global Secretariat. It has been an exciting few years and during this time the group has gone from strength to strength - holding meetings and webinars, blogging, and engaging with CHW groups and academia across the world. Check out the TWG webpage on the HSG website for more information on the TWG activities.

  • Co-Chairs - (looking for 2 new co-chairs)
    • Chair TWG meetings
    • Convene TWG steering committee to gain input and decision making for the TWG
    • Mobilize TWG membership and assure diversity and engagement across TWG membership
    • Lead the development of an annual work plan
    • Lead the planning and implementation of TWG activities
    • Monitor the implementation of TWG activities
    • Serve as the primary point of contact with the HSG Secretariat
    • Serve as the public face of the TWG to external audiences
    • Identify funding needs and in close cooperation with the Secretariat develop strategies for fundraising
    • Oversight and accountability for any resources received by the TWG
    • Participate in quarterly check-in with the HSG Secretariat
    • Submit annual reports to the Secretariat
    • Ensure the TWG page on the HSG website is updated
    • Facilitate development and implementation of an internal communications strategy for TWG members
    • Look for opportunities for cross TWG collaboration
    • Promote TWG activities in various forums
    • Ensure visibility and representation of the TWG in HSR symposia and other HSG events and related workshops or conferences
    • Lead the TWG Panel Session that take place at the HSR symposia including the arrangement of speakers and theme of the session
    • Lead the TWG business meeting that takes place at the HSR Symposia
    • Attend HSG Cross TWG Strategy Meetings to contribute to the direction of the TWG (online and very occasionally in person)
  • Communications Coordinator (looking for 1 communications coordinator)
    • Develop and implement an internal communications strategy for TWG members and oversee its implementation of internal communications strategy
    • Liaise with HSG Comms and CHW Central in regular updates of the TWG activities to the webpages
    • Coordinate Social Media Campaigns for the TWG activities with support from HSG and CHW Central
    • Promote TWG activities in various forums
    • Coordinate TWG activities such as webinars, blog series etc
    • In collaboration with HSG review content for TWG for communications appeal etc
    • Identify suitable platforms for the TWG to promote its work, increase engagement with members and track performance
    • Work with TWG members to produce regular blogs for the HSG webpage and CHW Hub webpage
    • Assist with the completion of the annual report to HSG
    • Assist with the completion of the workplan
    • Coordinate the communication activities set out in the work plan
    • Assist with the coordination of the TWG panel session that take place at the HSR symposia
    • Lead on the communications strategy of the HSR symposia
Individuals running for a TWG leadership position must meet the following eligibility criteria:
  • All TWG leadership positions must be HSG members and preferably Chair and Vice Chair should be representatives of different WHO regions to assure diversity
  • Professional interest and good standing in the subject matter focus of the TWG
  • Commitment to serve a full two-year term
  • Willingness to spend/donate the time required
  • Support from employers to play the leadership role
  • English language fluency
  • Spoken and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of other organizations involved in the topic

You can now see the profiles of the new CHW TWG Co-Chairs and Coordinator, and view their bios and statements. Congratulations to the successful candidates.

Meet the candidates

Key Dates Calendar event
2 May 2017 TWG election is announced and candidate nominations invited
10 June 2017 The last date for candidate nominations
14 June 2017 The names of confirmed nominated candidates are published
28 June 2017 Online voting starts / eligible voters are invited to vote
8 July 2017 Online voting closes
15 July 2017 The committee reviews the election outcomes and verifies the vote count
18 July 2017 The TWG leadership announces election outcomes