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Beginning on 14 January 2014, Health Systems Global transitioned from a one-year membership plan to a two-year membership plan.

As always, one of the benefits of membership continues to be a discounted registration fee for the global symposium that takes place every two years. Those people who initiate or renew their membership after 29 September will be able to pay a discounted registration fee for the Fourth Global Symposium in 2016.

Now over 1500 members from 96 countries!

Membership can be individual or institutional. Organizations may find it simpler and more convenient to centralize memberships, for example to handle participation in the symposium or in thematic working groups. In each case, different rates apply for high-income countries and low-income coutries, as well as profit and not-for-profit organizations. Joining Health Systems Global is easy: individual membership or institutional membership (will be announced). Please contact the Secretariat for further information about institutional membership. 

Membership fees are based on the income level of your country of residence. To learn whether your country is a low or middle-income country (LMIC) or a high-income country (HIC), please consult this list

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Membership Benefits

Reduced registration fees for the biennial global symposia.

The benefits of becoming a member include: